About Skylines

Skylines is the Premium Etisalat Channel Partner in UAE. Skylines aim is to be the best and most reliable Call Center Services Provider and to offer an entire range of quality services and solutions … Read More..

Our Mission

“To build a successfull business model that encompasses the needs of our customers, our shareholders and our employees”

Our Vision

“To Provide professional, quality and ecnomical services to help our customers take full advantage of the ever-advancing”

Customer Services

The ability to deliver timely, quality customer care is a crucial factor to a company’s success. Skylines can deliver this quality customer care for your company.

Marketing Support

Skylines (Etisalat Channel Partner) Marketing Support Services can help your company generate revenue and increase customer satisfaction in a far better way.

Enterprise Support

Successful use of changing technology involves training and documentation, implementation and support- all, which we can provide for your company in an expert and cost-efficient manner.

Corporate Help Desk

Skylines (Etisalat Channel Partner) has a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective solution for your internal support requirements. Whether you need skilled IT personnel(s) to empower your existing staff or a managed outsourced solution.

Parvez Sultan Rupani's Speech in Etisalat Business Partner Summit 2015

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