Voice Broadcasting Solutions

Voice broadcasting and voice mail broadcast allows you to instantly send interactive 1000’s of phone calls with ease.  Instantly send alerts, notifications, reminders, get out the vote – GOTV – messages, interactive polls or surveys with ease

Features Include

No Costly set up fees, no monthly minimums
There are no costly set up fees or minimums call commitments.  Calls that are transferred to another number are billed as a single call.  Send as many or as few calls as your project requires.

Instant set up and execution
Create, schedule and launch a full blown ‘call campaign’ instantly. Take a survey or a poll, send notifications, reminders or alerts with ‘Voice Shot’.  Voice broadcasting – its fast and its easy!

Launch by Phone Option
Launch by Phone option allows you the convenience of initiating your ‘call campaign’ by telephone.  This premium service is perfect for ‘time-sensitive-calls’ such as emergency alerts and notifications.

Easy recording options
Record your messages in MP3 format using your own computers microphone and speakers.  You can even upload sound files created by professional announcers.

Schedule call delivery times
Set delivery dates and times.  Run a ‘call campaign’ at different times in a single day or spread it out over multiple days.

Connect to live operator
Allows those who receive your voice message the ability to press a key and instantly the call is routed to the phone number of your choice or our Call Center team will be pleased to take the call.

Conditional call branching
Build as simple or as detailed of a call design as needed.  Voice broadcasting, call flow can be controlled by the call recipient input, branching to specific points based on the call recipient’s key press.  Branch on specific key presses: no key presses and incorrect key presses

Key press verification
When a call recipient presses one or more keys in response to a voice prompt, you can optionally have the key presses spoken back to the call recipient, with the option for the call recipient to re-enter or accept.

Powerful call transfer management
Transfer call recipients to a phone number of your choice – perfect for “press 0 for a live operator” applications. Voice Broadcasting powerful call transfer management can automatically pause dialing when all of your available operators (if service taken through us) are talking and resume dialing as soon as one becomes available.

On-hold custom music or message
Call recipients can listen to a unique message or music selection that you record.  Re-enforce your sales message or choose a music selection that fits your target audience to a T (Optional).

Automatic re-dial of unsuccessful calls
Calls that were not answered are automatically re-dialed free of charge. You can even choose additional re-dialing feature

Reporting of caller response by key press
Real-time reporting captures all recipient key presses allowing you to identify call responses.  Additionally, call responses are matched up with all the information from your call list, making it easy to identify which recipient produced with responses.  Download your voice broadcasting results into Microsoft Excel and other applications

Automatic removal of duplicate numbers
This feature ensures that you do not send duplicate calls to the same recipients and saves you money by removing these numbers from your call list prior to launching your ‘call campaign’

Personalized service
Our ‘Account Reps’ will take the time to get you started using Voice Broadcasting and will continue to support your needs on an ongoing basis

Telephone and email support
Assistance and technical support available via email and telephone, with quick response time.