We Create Skyrocketing Possibilities Inbound & Outbound

Led by professionals with experience from worldís leading organisations, Skylines is a dynamic global organisation that gives utmost capabilities expansions and opportunities! In 2005, Skylines launched a unique call centre model which was enthusiastically received by clients. After 5 years as a call centre referral and consultation service, we have grown with thousands of clients in our network, and we continue to lead the industry.

Our Success Story Is Our Customer Satisfaction

The mechanism behind our success has been our commitment throughout, to establish long term partnerships with our affiliates. We know that itís easy to sell to customers but difficult to sustain one.Innovative service and superior reliability are few of the many attributes that we hold as a company. The major portion of the business comes as repeat orders from existing customers or from the long term customer, whom we serve for long. This highlights the level of customer satisfaction achieved by us

Our Asset Is Our People, Our Brand Is Their Loyalty

Skylines team is both dedicated and highly trained. Having strong sense of commitment to ensure the success of our company through providing the best services to our customers. Everyone at the company has the responsibility and authority to do whatever it takes to make every project a success.

We Give Right Product At Right Time At Right Place At Right Price

Skylines aim is to be the best and most reliable Telecommunication Service Provider offering an entire range of quality services and .solutions to our valued customers and to provide the right productí at the right time at the right place at the right price With the co-operation of our Employees and Partners, we will lead and excel in providing Customers with Innovative and Reliable Services and Solutions


The dawn of year 2000 revitalised establishment of a thriving telecom innovation into the growing small and medium-sized business (SMB) sector. This expanded horizon for outsourced sales and customer solutions, where Skylines stood as one of the most progressive entrepreneurship businesses headquartered in the heart of Dubai. Skylines evolved as a customer centric organisation missioned to consider its customers as its partners built on excellent relationship. The companyís mere goal is to mould every individual into a successful person within the organisation. Therefore both the management and staff work diligently to enable customers to reach their strategic excellence through applying the latest business practices, information and communication technology solutions. Today, Skylines finds enterprises opting for increasing business process reengineering to provide for faster and better mechanisms to offer goods and services at the doorsteps of consumers.

Managing Director Parvez Sultan Rupani is a highly motivated and successful entrepreneur with an enviable track record of delivering exceptional commercial results spanning the past decade. He has been the Managing Director of the Skylines Group of Companies since 2004 and has been highly instrumental in its growth. He is a leader with a diversified experience of 15 years, and has invested his heart and soul for Skylines to acquire the Platinum Channel ship and become an ISO-certified telecom group. Furthermore, he has successfully pioneered the launch of a number of major SMB Enterprises, which has grown rapidly to 500 employees within the last six yeas and looks after the 750 million portfolio of Etisalat as standalone and over 1.8 billion of Skylines Group.

Etisalatís Hello Business Hub brilliantly caters to the needs of SMBs by offering complete and comprehensive integrated propositions working closely with SMBs in their utter digital transformation journey.


Under benevolent leadership of Mr. Parvez Rupani, Skylines is constantly spreading its horizons and empowering businesses of all sizes and sectors. Visit www.skylines.ae to witness wide scope of services under signature excellence of Mr. Rupaniís leadership. As a diversified organisation, Skylines offers multilayered services and has established a top-notch position for itself in UAE market with branches covering dominant parts of Asia and Europe. From Telecommunications https://skylines.ae , to Tax Consultancy http://www.dgtxgroup.com/; from Financial Management & Technology Solution http://maxconsolutions.com/ to Landscaping http://skylineslandscape.com/ from Tracking http://uaetracker.com/ & POS services http://www.uaepos.com/ to Digital Marketing Services http://rgsuae.com/; Skylines has reached skyrocketing heights in all of its domain. Skylines has become the one-stop point of contact for Etisalat premium services through quick uptime and rapid fulfilment of essential services for companies of all sizes. Mr. Parvez Rupaniís voluntary services are notified with his contribution as a member of Ismaili Centre Dubai, the Chairman of Maxcon consultancy, a top Oracle partner, and the Managing Director of 16 companies of wide portfolios working in four countries. In the upcoming five years, Skylinesí major business plan includes transformation comprising more than thousand workforce managing business expansion across the country. Skylines plans to accelerate its dramatic emerging success and anticipates upto 60 per cent growth in personnel as well as revenues over the next five years.

Skylines Tax Consultancy has teamed up with Etisalat to offer free Value Added Tax (VAT) filing services and advanced tailored solutions for over 300,000 SMB customers at the Hello Business Hub- a 360-solution stop shop to kick start your business with 12 greatly reliable partners under one single roof

Businesses Can Boost Productivity & Profitability Under One Roof!

With Skylines Tax Consultancy Service integration with Hello Business Programme, you can kick-start your business in just within 24 hours with the regionís very first on-boarding programme, offering a uniquely personalised visit to your office premises and creating fully customised connectivity solutions.

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Hello Business Hub is the very first-in-the-region all-in-one shop situated in the heart of One JLT, Jumeirah Lake Towers, UAE. Skylines Tax Consultancy at the Hub comprehensively covers all the needs of small as well medium startups, from VAT compliance, inventory management, bookkeeping, forecasting, budgeting as well as accounting, taxation, payroll, and exclusive internal audit services.