(a) Skylines: shall mean Skylines owned website with the URL www.skylines.ae offering informational content as well as online transactions with Skylines on products and services specified therein (hereinafter referred to as Skylines Website).

(b) Skylines Services & Products: shall mean sale and/or rent of all Products and Services provided by Skylines or any Skylines products and services offered and allowed online business through Skylines Website.

(c) Skylines Website Registration Process: shall mean the process specified for registering customers to transact business through Skylines Website as amended by Skylines from time to time.

(d) Skylines Applicable Terms and Conditions: shall mean the relevant Skylines Terms and Conditions particular to any Service or Product offered through Skylines Website.

(e) Customer: shall mean the Skylines Website registered customer(s)

(f) Application form: shall mean the form(s) made directly available on Skylines Website for applying to the Skylines service(s) or products.

(g) User: shall mean any of the online visitor who visits Skylines Website

(h) Order Form: shall mean the Web pages directly accessible at the Skylines Website containing details of services available.

(i) Order Form Confirmation: shall mean the Web pages accessible directly at the Website marked with the references “Order Form Confirmation” containing a precised summary of the details of the Services and Products ordered as well as Charges payable.

(j) Registration Form: shall mean the Web pages accessible directly at the Website marked with the reference “Registration Form” for the Customer to accurately fill in Customer’s personal, billing and delivery information and for the submission by the Customer for the completion of Skylines Website Registration process, where applicable.